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Individual Counseling

Everyone encounters or becomes trapped at a point in their lives.

Individual therapy is exactly what it sounds like. It is tailored to you, the client. It’s a collaborative process that might be defined as a journey with a kind, nonjudgmental guide at your side to assist you travel the path to hope and recovery. It’s a collaborative process that might be defined as a journey with a kind, non judgemental guide at your side to assist you to a path of hope and recovery

Individual treatment may be sought for a variety of reasons. Most people seek individual therapy because they wish to enhance their quality of life in some way. The beauty of individual treatment is that it is only required for as long as it is required. Some people seek individual therapy to explore their current problems in light of their personal past in order to uncover causes and a higher degree of understanding.

In general, these consumers want professional guidance and fast relief. Others have already completed this work and seek individual treatment to “tune up” their ongoing mental wellness. Some people just need a helpful “sounding board” or someone on the outside of a situation to help them cope. We meet our clients at any point in their journey. Most people report experiencing some alleviation after the first few sessions.

For those that require it, we also provide HIPAA-compliant telemedicine services to our clients. This option is used by clients all throughout the United States. 

After all, you’re here to get better as fast as possible. Some people come in for 3-5 sessions, while others come in for 10-15, and yet others come in for much longer. Therapy is designed to help you achieve certain objectives, and we want to help you achieve them so you can move on with your life!

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